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PT. MIF - Mitra Intertrans Forwarding ( MERATUS GROUP)

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PT. MIF - Mitra Intertrans Forwarding ( MERATUS GROUP)
PT. MIF - Mitra Intertrans Forwarding ( MERATUS GROUP)
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Name:Ms. Vonny [Sales]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: lidyavonny Y!: lidyavonny
Mobile Number:087875151611
Phone Number:+62-21-52962252
Fax Number:+62-21-52962253
Address:Menara jamsostek 3rd Floor, Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav38
Jakarta 12710, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Aug. 29, 2012
Last Updated:Jan. 23, 2013
Business Nature:Service of Transportation category

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Company Brief

PT. MIF ( Mitra Intertrans Forwarding) , one group with MERATUS LINE, would like to present our company as Forwarding & Logistic Company that can fulfill the services in : Freight ( Sea & Air) , Custom Clearance, Trucking ( EMKL) . Once you have import & Export & Domestic shipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below is introduction about our company:

MIF is a professional logistics provider with over 50 years experience in delivering/ transporting cargo between the many Islands of Indonesia, we would like to offer our services to find the right Solutions for your logistics needs.

We have been nominated for the ISO 9002 ( 2008) and OHSAS( 2008) Certification and the official certificates are currently processed by SGS.

We have own branches in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Batam, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Sampit, Kumai, Makassar, Palu, Kendari, Kupang, Benete, Benoa, Bitung . Presently we have open shipment direct to Bengkulu.

For International branches, we have in Asean country : Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar.
For more information, you might check in www. mif.co.id
or you can contact our following sales:
PIC : Ms Vonny
HP : 087875151611
Email : veronica.rettob@ mif.co.id

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